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At San Tomas Signature Smiles, the dental practice of Dr. Ramin Moradi in Campbell, California, we offer night guards for our patients who grind their teeth during their sleep. Since there is no actual “cure” for night-time teeth grinding, or bruxism, wearing a night guard will protect your teeth and jaws from the destructive effects of teeth grinding. This is crucial because with time, bruxism can cause the following to happen to your smile:

— Gum recession.

— Increased tooth sensitivity.

— Pain from grinding to the tooth’s nerve.

— Teeth to flatten, fracture, loosen, and possible tooth loss.

— Cause or worsen TMD (temporomandibular disorder) or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain.

— Change the appearance of your face.

Nearly 70% of teeth grinding during sleep stems from stress or anxiety, according to the Bruxism Association. Other factors which contribute to bruxism include sleep apnea, smoking, caffeine, alcohol, or taking medications for sleep, depression, and anxiety. A custom-made night made by your dentist is designed specifically to fit your bite comfortably. Custom made night guards prevent costly repair to your teeth from the damage done by bruxism, because if bruxism is left untreated, the constant wear and tear on your teeth and jaw can lead to more invasive and costly treatment down the road, such as bridges, crowns, root canals, dental implants, or dentures. Often dental insurances cover some or all of the cost of custom night guards.

So if you need help for your pearly whites thanks to night-time teeth grinding, Dr. Ramin Moradi and our team in Campbell, California, are here to help. For more information, or to schedule a visit with one of our dentists, please call us at 408-378-2890 today!