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Enjoying dark foods and beverages can dull the whiteness of your teeth, leaving you feeling self-conscious in social settings. At the same time, the natural processes of aging or the occasional tobacco use can also cause deep stains in your tooth enamel.

It’s best to consult with your dentist, Dr. Ramin Moradi, before trying any new whitening product. The training and experience he has will help you find the safest and most effective method for achieving the white smile you’ve always wanted.

Using whitening strips is a popular way of maintaining the whiteness of your teeth between dental cleanings. The whitening strips are clear, plastic films that have been coated with a special topical form of hydrogen peroxide. While the whitening strips are on your teeth, the casual observer won’t even notice you’re wearing them. While the strips are in your mouth, you should not eat, drink, chew gum or use tobacco products.

Whitening strips can only brighten minor stains on the teeth. Deeply stained tooth enamel will require stronger measures. Our San Tomas Signature Smiles team offers a professional tooth-bleaching treatment that is the most effective way to brighten the teeth in your smile.

If you would like to explore your teeth-whitening options in Campbell, California, you should call Dr. Ramin Moradi at 408-378-2890 to schedule a consultation.