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Restorative dentistry is a specialized form of dental treatments that focuses on replacing one or more missing teeth. While dental bridges used to be the industry standard for replacing missing teeth, in recent years more and more dentists, like Dr. Ramin Moradi, have been recommending dental implants to replace teeth that have been knocked out or extracted.

Dental implants in Campbell, California, are essentially titanium abutments that are inserted into the existing bone structure of your jaw. Titanium is known to be biologically safe. In time, the implanted abutment will fuse to the bone structure of your jaw in a process known as osseointegration.

To install the abutment, Dr. Ramin Moradi will drill a narrow channel into the corresponding bone in your jaw. The titanium abutment will be inserted, your gums will be sutured, and a hard, plastic, temporary crown will be secured over it.

Once the abutment has fused with your natural bone structure, Dr. Ramin Moradi will take an impression of the abutment. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where a crown will be custom crafted to match your smile. The material used for the crown will be determined by the tooth’s function and visibility in your smile. Most crowns are made from either porcelain, gold or base metal alloys.

If you have lost a tooth, please call San Tomas Signature Smiles at 408-378-2890 to ask about restoration by a dental implant. We wish you a healthy, happy, smile-filled holiday season!