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Although brushing and flossing your teeth daily are excellent techniques to make your mouth healthy and safe from plaque, it may not be enough alone to achieve the desired shades of white you prefer. Although some over-the-counter teeth whitening products are still being tested for their safety and effectiveness, in-office professional treatments and gels are perfectly safe, efficient, and effective. In as little as one office visit, it is possible to drastically improve your smile’s color. You can whiten your teeth in under a day. Here are some safety tips to remember:

– Speak with your dentist at San Tomas Signature Smiles before choosing a tooth whitening product.
– Be careful not to keep your whitening product in longer than specified. Failure to follow directions as specified can cause gum irritation, tooth sensitivity, or bleaching of your gums.
– The three most common forms of teeth whitening treatments are in-office professional treatments, dentist-provided at-home treatments, or over-the-counter treatments. In-office professional treatments are universally considered the safest and most effective form of teeth whitening treatment.
– With the proper use, a whitening product can drastically improve the color of your teeth, and in some cases, professional whitening treatments can whiten your teeth by up to ten shades in a single hour.

If you seek a whiter, brighter smile without any cosmetic procedures such as dental veneers or crowns, teeth whitening treatments are a great alternative. If you would like your teeth whitened by Dr. Ramin Moradi, please schedule an appointment at our office at 408-378-2890 . We are located in Campbell, California, and would love to see you soon. Whiten your teeth with us today!