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Your smile is an important part of your facial expressions, and even plays a role in how you non-verbally communicate emotion. A smile with white, gleaming teeth, free of physical and cosmetic imperfections, can boost your self-confidence in important social settings.

Here at San Tomas Signature Smiles, our dentist is well-versed and highly-experienced in a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options. After identifying the nature of the cosmetic imperfections, Dr. Ramin Moradi will present you with the applicable options to fully restore or enhance your smile’s appearance.

Tobacco use, even on an occasional basis, or frequently enjoying dark beverages can cause stains to penetrate your tooth enamel. When this happens to a significant degree, many of the whitening products sold in stores will not prove potent enough to fully restore your white smile.

To address this level of dental staining, our dentist can perform a professional dental bleaching. Once our professional techniques and potent whitening agents have whitened your smile, we can help you understand the appropriate methods needed to maintain the appearance of your teeth.

In a case where your teeth have been affected by physical imperfections, like noticeable fillings, minor dental fractures, or other cosmetic imperfections, we might recommend dental veneers. These are thin, yet gleaming white shells made from a dental porcelain-ceramic.

Once they have been cemented onto the faces of each tooth in your smile, the porcelain material will resist future dental stains. This will make it much easier to maintain your white smile in the years ahead.

If you live in the Campbell, California, area and your smile is in need of cosmetic dentistry, you should call 408-378-2890 to set up a consultation.