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At times, getting your teeth cleaned may seem a bit daunting to some, as it can be disconcerting to let someone work on your mouth. However, modern technology has made dentistry extremely precise and efficient. Moreover, sedation is regularly used in many dental treatments, which can help relieve dental anxiety and any stress you may feel from going to the dentist. Listed below are a few options that exist.

Intravenous Sedation:
Intravenous sedation occurs when a sedative is directly into the bloodstream. This form of sedation is extremely effective and extremely fast-acting. Levels can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect, including placing the patient into a sleep state.

Deep Sedation:
Deep sedation occurs with the use of general anesthesia, which is often considered the strongest form of sedative. Anesthesia puts patients into a deep sleep where they remain until the sedative has completely worn off.

Gas Sedation:
Gas sedation, which is referred to as inhaled minimal sedation, typically occurs when a patient needs to be relaxed. The gas mixture consists of oxygen and nitrous oxide, a combination known as laughing gas.

Ingested Sedation:
Oral sedation is done with the use of pills and tablets to achieve the desired effect. This process is easily customizable based on dosage and desired effect, but it does take a while for the sedative to take effect, often up to as much as an hour.

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