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Are there any bad habits that you consistently do on a daily basis that are nothing more than little tweaks in your life? If you have any minor habits that you believe are not doing any form of damage, over time, they can lead to considerable damage, especially habits that involve your teeth and gums. Even simple tasks such as chewing on inedible objects can wear down your teeth.

Be aware that drinking tooth-staining products such as red wine and coffee can cause stains. If you do happen to stain your teeth from a substance such as red wine, coffee, juice, beets, or any other product, a tooth whitening treatment system may be needed. The most effective option is a professional whitening system from your dentist.

Tooth hazards can also arise in the form of dental damage due to chewing on inedible products such as pencils and your nails. Chewing on your nails compounds the pressure directly onto small locations which increases the risk of a chipped or cracked tooth. Chewing on an inedible product can also lead to a TMJ disorder.

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