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One of the most common untreated issues with individuals is bruxism. Bruxism may be occurring in individuals that are not realizing that they’re doing damage to their teeth until a severe oral accident occurs. Typically, bruxism occurs while you’re unconscious and results in you grinding and clenching your teeth. However, it is most often linked to grinding your teeth while you sleep.

Beyond grinding your teeth, other issues can arise with bruxism. When you’re ready to build your best smile, take the necessary steps to ensure that your teeth are safe from enamel damage or tight jaw muscles. Beyond that, other signs that may exist for dental damage includes irregular earaches and headaches that do not appear to originate in the normal locations.

If you are suffering from bruxism, it may get to the point that you can’t even fully open or close your jaw. Other common symptoms include indentations on your tongue, flat or worn teeth, or aches and pains generally associated with some form of oral health damage. Visit your dentist to determine if you are indeed suffering from bruxism.

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