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Oral cancer is a cause for great concern, even though it has a high survival rate when it is caught early. Because oral cancer is still cancer, you should take the symptoms seriously. We encourage you to monitor your oral health regularly to catch any initial signs of oral cancer. Although you can receive oral cancer screenings at your routine dental checkups, we encourage you to know these symptoms:

– Swelling and sore or thick patches: The development of swelling, soreness, lumps or thick tissue patches can occur in all areas of your mouth, including on and behind the lips, along the tongue and in the sinuses and throat. While these symptoms can develop if you have a cold or sinus infection, if they last longer than two weeks, you should have our dentist look at them.

– Ear pain: It is not commonly known that ear pain is one of the symptoms of oral cancer, but ongoing ear pain that lasts longer than an ear infection and doesn’t include hearing loss means you should seek professional treatment quickly.

– Loose teeth: If you have developed loose permanent teeth despite having a diligent oral care routine, and if your loose teeth are not caused by oral trauma, you need to visit our dentist quickly. During your visit, we can provide the treatment you need.

We invite you to call San Tomas Signature Smiles today at 408-378-2890 for an appointment with Dr. Ramin Moradi. During your visit, you can discuss oral cancer symptoms and receive an oral cancer screening in Campbell, California.